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Not The End of the World
“[Stowe’s] writing is meticulously controlled, by turns funny and piercing; her imagination, nimble yet bizarre. Not the End of the World is an authoritative and dextrous debut.”
--Michiko Kakutani, New York Times

“Original and emphatically contemporary…”
--Mona Simpson, New York Times Book Review

“A tour de force with much to commend it."
--Frederick Busch, Chicago Tribune

“Spurred by the wonderfully quirky voice of Maggie Pittsfield, Not the End of the World possesses undeniable power. It’s hard to forget this lively, intelligent girl in danger of losing faith in herself…”
--Dan Cryer, Newsday

The Shadow of Desire
“Packing her slate-gray wit like a velvet-covered blackjack, Ginger Moore is the kind of frail-tough modern woman who haunts the streets of urban America… The Shadow of Desire has a focus of concentration that grants it both literary authority and passionate momentum.”
--Gail Caldwell, Boston Globe

“Brittle and sharp, poignant and tough-minded, a balancing act that takes a breathtaking aesthetic risk.”
--Kirkus Reviews

“Four years after her searing first novel, Stowe weighs in with a sharp and ultimately moving tale of a family and its buried psychological sins and unaddressed tragedies.”
--Publishers Weekly

“Utterly convincing and unfailingly intelligent.”
--Chris Goodrich, Los Angeles Times Book Review

One Good Thing
“Stowe’s plot is screwball, her characters resoundingly real.”
--Independent (London)

“A clever thriller that carefully treads the line between tragedy and comedy.”
--Sunday Tribune, Ireland

“Gripping and intriguing as well as a comic pleasure... Stowe’s voice, witty and perceptive, is extremely free. Her snappy writing can be poignant and funny… One Good Thing is a rarity: extremely easy to read, thought-provoking, analytical and comic. And one you’ll want to return to.”
--Sunday Post, Ireland

“Feckless Harry, writing his novel in a Manhattan tenement, looks up to see a body plummet past the window. Cue a series of lies, unlucky coincidences and misunderstandings. Stowe’s blackly comic novel zips along.”
--Marie Claire

Becky Goes Biking
My friend Vicki and I tour Columbia County on bicycles.

Selected Works

“An extraordinary achievement, a perfectly controlled novel that explodes on impact into astonishing and quite lethal shards.”
--Joan Didion
“Memorable and powerful… Rebecca Stowe can’t write a boring sentence.”
--Fay Weldon
“Packed with chainsaw wit, oddball characters and philosophical observations… Surreal, smashing stuff”
-London Mirror
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